One thought on “Why Florida’s Cuban population is susceptible to Trump’s propaganda

  1. What you say in your article should be obvious, but the Democrats keep making the same mistake. Hillary Clinton did not visit either Michigan or Wisconsin in2016 and lost both states. Her presence in Pennsylvania was better, but not enough. Biden reversed that behavior, and won the three states even if marginally in Wisconsin. He, however went on to make Clinton’s mistakes not only in Florida, as you very clearly pointed out, but in Texas, which is flippable, as well.
    Of course, thinking that Joe Biden is a socialist is equivalent to not ever have taken Political Science 101 at a Junior College. It was the responsibility of the Biden campaign to correct that perception, but it did not. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders’and Alexandra Ocasión Cortez’s identification with the Democrats will make it ten fold harder to flip the Cuban American vote.
    I am a 73 year old born in Cuba who came to this country in 1961. I will not bore you with my stories from 1958 about listening to my father tell prominent members of the rebel army that the revolution was communist. We left Cuba early ( we were ready to vault from early 1959, but my father was too attached to our little Oriente city to part ways with his way of life ). Needless to say, I grew up in a fiercely anti Castro household and I’m not a fan of the Cuban government. I do, however, agree with a number of the Sanders- AOC ideas, but I am positive that the executions they propose are untenable now and they don’t subscribe to the American idea of compromise and evolution of policies. This to tell you that I am not a Cuban horrified by either of them. I am, however, one hundred percent sure that while they are identified strongly with the Democrats, Cuban Americans will never vote Democrat.
    I also believe that neither Sanders nor AOC will make strides in Texas for the tine being. They are North Esterners who have no idea of what the middle of the country, the expanse between the two coasts, is like. Think of this, Biden won the popular vote by about 6 million votes. This difference is accounted for by just California and New York. The other 48 states are split evenly with some regions tending to one or another party. This clearly points to the fact that, and I am an independent who has voted Democrat for the last 40 years, the Democrats have a lot of work to do. A lot! But, they’re already fighting among themselves.
    I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan


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